The Simple Salt Ionizer System is a non traditional salt water pool system that sanitizes your pool water while keeping your pool liner, your skin, and our environment in mind. Traditional systems use a higher concentration of salt which is extremely corrosive on above ground pool walls as well as vinyl liners.  Simple salt is a hybrid chemical system that uses low dosages of several minerals to sanitize and soften the water while protecting the components of the pool.


The Simple Salt Program sanitizes your pool with the following system of products:

The Simple Salt Power Center

This "electrolytic converter" distributes an algea killing copper charge into the pool which lasts through an average pool season. After the first season, a replacement cell can be purchased at any of our locations. If the system isn't used for a full season, the cell can be carried over to the following season.

Simple Salt Prime

This 25lb. bucket is added once a season (at opening time) and contains a chemical composition primarily made up of borate. Borate not only softens the water and reduces eye irritation (it is one of the primary ingredients in visine), borate acts as a "ph buffer"; which means it stabilizes your pool’s ph level. It also removes co2 from the water, which suffocates algea and keeps your pool looking crystal clear and feeling simply clean.




Aqua Salt Pool Salt

This low dosage of salt helps condition the water and is only needed upon initial set up. It adds TDS to the water that allows the minerals to bond and eliminate bacteria.

Simple Salt Vivid and Simple Blue Shimmer Shock

The Simple Salt Power Center will maintain a constant level of water treatment, but for added protection and removal of non-bacteria related materials from the water; such as tanning lotions and detergents, a minimal dosage of enzyme remover as well as a sanitizer boost are required. The dosage will vary dependant on water temperature and pool volume, but typically the treatment will consist of alternating weeks between the two products.