• Over the last 25 years cartridge filters have become the system of choice for both spas and pools due to their ability to remove smaller particles than the sand filter; with a design and operation much simpler than a diatomatious earth (d.e.) filter. Until now, the only advantage that the d.e. filter had over all other systems was it's ability to collect particles as small as 2 microns ( a unit that measures microscopic particles).

• The Simple Clean Hybrid Filtration System combines the advantages of the cartridge filter with the water polishing power of the d.e. system. In addition, unlike d.e., our Simple Clean Enhance product is eco friendly and will not harm the consumer or the environment.

• The Black Diamond chamber is uniquely designed with a rigid skeleton that supports the Simple Clean Enhance. Adding Enhance will increase the Simple Clean System’s filtering capabilities to 2 microns. This system allows multi-stage filtration between Black Diamond and Black Diamond Enhance.

• Because all pool environments are not the same, the Black Diamond Filtration system works with your environment to maintain a crystal clear pool. Whether you’re in a city, on a farm, under shady trees, around sand or salt, the size of the solid particles entering the pool will vary. While a fine filter will collect everything, it will also require the need to wash and rinse more often. If your environment is more apt to contain coarse solids, using a naked filter will keep the pool clean with the least amount of rinsing. Certain times of the year may require fine particle collection such as pollen season. This is an ideal time for the Enhance cycle. Some consumers love the results of Enhance and will use it throughout their pool season.

• The Simple Clean Filtration System does not require backwashing; a process of reverse-cycling the water to dispose of the dirt collected by the system. This process means that you will need to add water and potentially more chemicals to compensate for those you have removed in this process, and in many municipalities, it's required that systems needing to backwash must be plumbed into the city water waste line.

Simple Clean Enhance

• Enhance is made from non toxic, biodegradable, eco friendly cellulose. It is poured into the filter through the skimmer while operating. Enhance forms a coating on the patented Black Diamond element like an extra layer of skin. Small debris are captured and are prevented from passing through the filtration system. The first cycle will quickly collect most particles. You will notice this by a rise in filter pressure; at this time the filter will need to be cleaned and returned to the housing. You will then add a second cycle of Enhance that will polish the water and maintain a sparkling clarity throughout your pool season.